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Tennis Match is a social network for tennis players. The idea is to help players connect to other players who share similar interests and skill ratings that are in the same area. It also is a centralized place for players to keep track of match results and schedules. This requires crowd-sourcing as users will have to add the schedules and results for all non-USTA leagues and matches. Players can also keep notes of matches for later reference.

research iconRESEARCH


Interviews were conducted with several active tennis players as well as with one USTA Pro.

In addition, current tools on the market that are used by USTA players were researched.

Players were observed using as well as the USTA app.

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Both the personas would be motivated to use the app because they have goals of connecting to other players, even though what they want to do after connecting is different. Tamara, (the main persona) is an avid and competitive player who captains teams and is always looking for promising players to add to her roster. She would use the app because she would be able to see player records for all the leagues and matches a player participates in, not just the USTA ones. This would give Tamara a better understanding of a player’s skills, along with saving her time because there currently isn’t a central place for players to view match results. It will also help her in planning line ups because she will be able to see what courts other teams have put their players on in previous matches.

The second persona is looking for low key, social play, which is very different from the main persona, but the app allows players to list their preferences, and when he is looking at potential players, he can use the app’s recommendations for connections to find other like-minded players, and also make use of the location services on his phone to find people nearby since he doesn’t want to spend a lot of time travelling to play tennis.


Sign up/registration

1. Allowing easier account creation by linking to Google and Facebook.
User looks at the benefits and decides to create an account on the app. User connects through Google.
2.Since users have to create an account to use the app, there is a rotating image and description of what the app will do for them in order to make it worth the user’s time and effort. I saw several apps like Fitbit doing this.

3. Celebrating Milestones – Tamara is welcomed after joining the app and transitioned into the account setup with personal, everyday language.
User reads the welcome message and clicks the Let’s Get Started button.

4. Each step provides a reason and benefit of expending the effort in everyday language. They are assured that they will be able to make changes later on if their preferences change.
5. They are also given the option to skip the step.
6. Progress indicator tells them how much far they are in the process. This process is really the bare minimum to get started and nothing extra is collected.
User clicks on the activities they are interested in and clicks the Continue Button.

User chooses level of intensity and clicks the Continue Button.

7. Authorize Pattern is used to link to the user’s USTA account. It’s clearly explained what the benefits are to linking accounts, and what information is going to be shared. Users can skip this step as well.
User decides to connect their USTA account to save time. They press the Connect to USTA button.


8. Celebrating the finishing of the process. The user is then taken to their profile where they can see what is filled in for them.
User is congratulated and clicks the View Profile button.


Interaction 2 – Editing a Profile

1. Profile Pattern – User can edit sections of their profile and can add a photo, which is really useful for tennis players who are trying to remember if they played someone before or trying to put a face with a name.
2. If the user has linked to their USTA account, they can’t change their name (it’s the one they are in the USTA as, or their rating (it’s assigned by the USTA). However they can change their interests.
3. By linking to their USTA account, the user’s USTA teams are already imported. Teams whose season is completed are greyed out slightly, but the match details will still be accessible when the team is clicked on. Additional teams that players are on are found by swiping to the side.
4. Activity feed – This will have more on it once the user starts using the app.
User views their profile and uploads an image. They see all the information that was pre-loaded for them because they connected their account.

Public View of a completed profile
5. Connection – User can easily connect with the player whose profile they are viewing by clicking the add connection button.
6. Users can scroll through someone else’s activity feed. This will give them a quick idea how much tennis a player is playing and how good they are.

 Making Connections

1. Waiting to ask permission until they need it. Finding players nearby is a useful feature since most people don’t want to drive far to play a match. Users are asked to enable location sharing to make use of this feature, and it’s explained why it’s a benefit.
User clicks the Find Connections button on their profile. They land on the Connections page and decide that they want to enable location sharing to be able to find players nearby. They click the Enable Location Sharing button.

The user clicks OK to give the app the permission.

2. Users can search for a player from the list of nearby players.
User sees a list of nearby connections complete with a profile pic and an explanation of what they have in common.
User views nearby connections.

2. Users can search for a player from the list of nearby players.
User sees a list of nearby connections complete with a profile pic and an explanation of what they have in common.
User views nearby connections.

User clicks the connect button on three players and then clicks the Contacts button at the top of the screen.

User decides to enable access to contacts so they can connect with their tennis friends.

The user clicks OK to give the app the permission to access their contacts.


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