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GroceryRun is a collaborative grocery list that allows users to create a list based on actual products in their chosen grocery store. GroceryRun rearranges the shopping list to optimize the shopper’s path through the store.

GroceryRun enhances the user’s shopping experience by suggesting swaps of comparable but cheaper items.

The app allows multiple users to edit shared lists, and updates in real time, allowing family members, roommates, and friends to add, change, or delete items on the shared list.

US Lacrosse

US Lacrosse is the governing body for the sport of lacrosse in the US. It’s dedicated to growing the sport of Lacrosse. Lacrosse players must be members in order to participate in tournaments and even to join a local team. As part of this effort, US Lacrosse wants to develop an app.

As this app is only in the development stages, US Lacrosse wants to focus on the two tasks a user would most commonly perform within the app, with eventual expansion to create the other sections shown in the navigation.  The two primary tasks are showing the membership card to officials at a tournament and verifying a player’s age.

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is a website focused on rating movies and TV shows. The website is known for their rating system, called the “Tomatometer”, which is based on ratings published by approved critics. While users are primarily drawn to the website for its move and TV show reviews, users also visit the website to watch movie trailers, purchase movie tickets and look up showtimes at local theaters.

This project focuses on information architecture including personas, scenarios, content inventory, card sorts, treejack, sitemap, user flow, and wireframes for both desktop and mobile.


Medtep is a healthcare app that allows users to take care of their health. The app has several plans to aid in treating various medical conditions. The asthma control tools were evaluated in this case study.

This case study includes heuristic evaluations, cognitive walkthroughs, usability test plan, moderated user testing, unmoderated user testing, comparison study, and final report.

ALPA Jumpseat Finder

The Airline Pilot’s Association provides jumpseating information to their 63,000+ members. The focus was on trying to find a way to combine information from multiple sources into one place and present large amounts of information to users on a small screen.

Highlights include user research, wireframes, mockups, usability testing, and protypes.

DePaul University Office Hour Scheduling System

Instructors at DePaul must schedule regular hours which they are available to students to discuss their coursework. This scheduler needed to differentiate between full-time and part time instructors, and prevent users from selecting times that conflict with their teaching schedule.

Highlights include flowchart and wireframes.